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We are people like you with dreams and a huge desire to make them come true.

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Because everyone has a story, this is our story.

In 2013 was the beginning of what is today Wide Fusion. But what happened before that?

Our journey as entrepreneurs began, when the partners of Wide Fusion dedicated many hours to their business of agriculture and graphic design. Just like you, we look for ways to grow as a business owners. Technological advances began to put a lot of pressure on our businesses, making it increasingly difficult to excel.

Determined to succeed in our fields, we found that the most successful businesses use very particular marketing strategies on the Internet. Also, we  discovered that these strategies evolved very quickly, practically every year.


Digital Marketing

Today we help companies like yours generate more revenue through digital marketing. Every business has a chance to be successful, especially small businesses.

To succeed, it is important to establish a plan, create extraordinary content, put the plan into action, and adapt it to market conditions as needed.

Together we can achieve an exponential growth for your business.


We are like you

We like to think like your customers do. That is why we are very good at digital marketing and developing extraordinary content that your potential consumers are looking for, which will offer you the opportunity to attract every potential consumers to your business.

We are honest and very demanding with ourselves. Everything we have learned (good and bad) is part of the strategy we use with our clients. It is our greatest desire to see your business grow and be successful, so we do not want you to make the same mistakes that others have made.